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Cohen Cohen and Associates opened our doors in 2012. While tax planning and compliance have been a core aspect of our business since then, we aim to provide our clients with a broader array of supporting services, from accounting to technology to corporate strategy.

We strive to become invaluable long term partners to our clients by providing excellent core CPA services, while contributing in ways beyond that of a common accounting firm.

At CCA, we take great pride in being equipped to tackle a wide range of management challenges, whether it be evaluating strategic options when structuring a deal, designing a custom software solution, or developing long term dynamic financial modeling.

Tax Planning & Compliance

We offer comprehensive tax services tailored to your specific situation. Our goal is to minimize your tax liability, while maintaining compliance with the ever-changing landscape of tax rules and regulations. We work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your tax position and outlook, as an individual and as a business owner.







Our clients span multiple industries, and we work constantly to remain abreast of the most current industry-specific tax developments. Whether it be 1031 exchanges, changing partnership audit rules, or the prospective tax impact of changing political climates, we work hard to monitor tax trends and implications so our clients don’t have to.

Financial Leadership

Our team and pooled experience provide our clients with valuable access to accounting and finance leadership at a cost they can embrace. Whether it be raising capital, developing banking relationships, creating financial forecasts, or improving operational accounting processes and internal controls, we can help you plan and execute your strategy.

  • Developing strategy and support for capital raise
  • Designing entity structure for optimal tax outcomes
  • Creating comprehensive financial modeling
  • Assisting with departmental budgeting
  • Reviewing and documenting internal controls and accounting procedures
  • Supporting audit and review efforts with outside auditors
  • Providing weekly cash management planning

Accounting Services

For clients that desire financial support beyond basic bookkeeping, we offer more comprehensive outsourced operational accounting services. In this case, we act as your accounting department, taking an active management role in the areas you need support. Whether it be your sales order-to-cash cycle or your purchase-to-pay processing, our staff has the knowledge and experience to offer on demand support for these functions.

Assisting with AR invoicing processing
Posting cash applications

Entering AP invoices
Preparing AP payment run reports for approval
Overseeing AP disbursements by check, ACH, wire, or other means
Supporting your purchasing approval and PO creation process
Taking stewardship role for document retention and organization

Bank reconciliation
Cash flow management

GENERAL LEDGER & OTHER Monthly balance sheet account recs
Fixed Asset schedules
Other support as required


Our bookkeeping services provide an on demand solution for the traditional role of a bookkeeper. This typically involves entering and reconciling all bank activity and accurately categorizing transactions in the process. In addition, any necessary closing entries will be made on whatever periodic schedule you prefer.

On a recurring scheduled basis, we will provide our transactional questions in reporting packages for you or your staff to review. We will solicit your input on any transactions that could not be confidently categorized. A deeper review of the internal financial statements will be performed on a quarterly or annual basis.

We are system agnostic, though many of our clients find QuickBooks Online a versatile and user friendly accounting system.


Systems Consulting

Our team has worked with several ERP systems and database back ends. All software has one thing in common; while it can capture a vast amount of data through the front end, users often struggle to get that data back out in the manner and format they need to make business decisions.

Let our team lend a hand.

System Selection & Requirements Documentation

With the variety of technological tools and systems facing businesses today, it can be daunting navigating these decisions alone. Whether enhancing your internal IT infrastructure or implementing complex ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) accounting software systems, we will guide you through all phases of the process, from selection through project management and execution.

Our team brings a unique balance to your projects: the technical expertise to see them through successfully and a thorough understanding of how each decision will affect your business operations. We have cultivated this balanced approach to systems implementations through years as project managers and consultants. We ensure that our insights into your business needs guide us to the best solution to fit your business, and we have the technical ability to execute properly.

Change management is never simple, but with our help your business will enjoy a smooth transition.